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Urban Water Management Plan

An Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) helps water suppliers assess the availability and reliability of their water supplies and current and projected water use to help ensure reliable water service under different conditions. This water supply planning is especially critical for California currently, as climate change is resulting in changes in rainfall and snowfall which impact water supply availability and development is occurring throughout the State resulting in increased needs for reliable water supplies. The Urban Water Management Planning Act (Act) requires larger water suppliers that provide water to urban users (whether directly or indirectly) to develop UWMPs every five years. UWMPs evaluate conditions for the next 20 years, so these regular updates ensure continued long-term planning. Since the City of Turlock (City) provides water service directly to more than 3,000 connections in its service area, it is required to prepare a UWMP. This Executive Summary serves as a Lay Description of the City's UWMP, as required by California Water Code ยง10630.5.

Urban Water Management Plan
Urban Water Management Plan Appendices A - L

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