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Job Descriptions

Engineering Technician I/II


      Under direction of the City Engineer to perform drafting, office and field engineering work, perform construction inspections as assigned, and assist professional engineers. This classification is assigned to the Miscellaneous Bargaining Unit for labor relations purposes and is subject to overtime, standby and call back assignments.


      Engineering Technician I

      General supervision is provided by a higher level professional engineer. Technical or functional supervision may be received from the Sr. Engineering Technician.

      Engineering Technician II

      General supervision is provided by a higher level professional engineer. Technical or functional supervision may be received from the Sr. Engineering Technician. Responsibilities may include functional supervision of subordinate paraprofessional positions.


      Engineering Technician I

      This is the entry-level class in the sub-professional engineering series. Incumbents in this class perform routine drafting, office and field engineering related work. Generally, work is observed and reviewed both during performance and upon completion, and changes in procedures or exceptions to rules are explained in detail as they arise until competency is established, then work is performed with greater independence.

      Engineering Technician II

      Positions in this class perform complex and technical engineering work approaching that of the professional engineering series. Work involves the application of precise sub-professional engineering knowledge and techniques. It is ordinarily performed under the general supervision of a professional engineer who makes general assignments and inspects work to ensure that it is conducted according to instructions and in conformity with accepted engineering standards.

      ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: - Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

      Engineering Technician I:

      • Perform drafting and design work on computer aided drafting software and other related computer design equipment.
      • File and retrieve engineering plans, maps, exhibits and various documents; update files and keep reference system current.
      • Prepare drawn sketches and permanent plans, diagrams and maps for street, water and sewer improvements using CAD software.
      • May draft (by hand or CAD software) maps, engineering plans, charts, diagrams, graphs, tables and sketches for Engineering Division and departmental projects.
      • Reduce field notes for application to drafting assignments.
      • Prepare radius maps and property owners' lists for legal notices.
      • Operate blueprint machine to reproduce engineering plans and maps for staff and public; monitor paper, printing and chemical supplies of machine.
      • Assist in operation of traffic counting equipment, annual traffic surveys and manual traffic counting.
      • Perform a variety of field surveys acting as a rod person.
      • Perform related duties as assigned.

      Engineering Technician II:

      In addition to duties of an Engineering Technician I:

      • Assist the public and contractors at the counter; provide information on engineering requirements and service area operations; inform the public of application and plan checking procedures, traffic flow, zoning and related questions.
      • Perform inspections for underground public works improvement and other public works structures or facilities.
      • Determine fees for public works, subdivision and parcel map applications; issue permits; check and review appropriate licenses and approved plans.
      • Prepare reports and keep accurate record and research materials; maintain engineering files.

      • Assist related division staff; prepare special reports; set up exhibits.
      • May operate transit and level in a variety of field survey work, conducting preliminary location, construction, property and topographic surveys; keep field notes and make sketches and computations; plot profiles and cross-sections, reduce field notes and compute grades.
      • Respond to citizen complaints and maintain records.
      • Provide information to other divisions in emergency situations.
      • Perform complex engineering surveys.
      • Perform related duties as assigned.


      Engineering Technician I

      Knowledge of:

      • Terminology, methods, practices and techniques of both standard conventional drafting and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
      • Trigonometry as applied to computation of angles, areas, distances and traverses.
      • Elementary surveying practices.
      • Engineering maps and records.
      • Modern office methods and practices.

      Ability to:

      • Interpret City policies and standards.
      • Understand and follow oral and written instructions and sketches.
      • Utilize a personal computer and related software.
      • Use and care for drafting, surveying and mechanical instruments and tools.
      • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted during the course of work.

      Engineering Technician II

      In addition to required skills of an Engineering Technician I:

      Knowledge of:

      • Principles and practices of civil engineering.
      • Methods and materials in the construction of public works and utilities facilities.
      • Policies and regulations governing the construction, extension and maintenance of public works systems and facilities.
      • Methods and techniques of engineering, drafting and estimating.

      Ability to:

      • Perform technical research and provide reliable advice on engineering problems.
      • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
      • Perform complex engineering calculations with speed and accuracy.
      • Prepare complete plans and estimates of routine public works and utility projects.
      • Use and care for engineering and drafting instruments and equipment.


      Engineering Technician I


      One year of sub-professional field and/or office experience performing complex engineering drafting work using CAD software.


      Equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade, supplemented by college level courses or equivalent vocational/technical institutional coursework in mathematics, engineering and computer aided drafting.

      Engineering Technician II


      Three years of increasingly responsible experience in advanced sub-professional civil engineering work, including drafting experience and survey work, or two years of experience as an Engineering Technician I with the City of Turlock.


      Equivalent to completion of an Associate of Science Degree from an accredited college or vocational/technical institution in an engineering related field.


      Possession of a valid California Driver's License at the time of appointment, to be maintained as a condition of continued employment.


      Maintain the following physical abilities: See well enough to drive a vehicle and to make visual inspections; hear well enough to converse on the telephone and in person; be able to communicate clearly without amplification; bodily mobility to move rapidly from one area to another, sometimes over rough terrain; sometimes bending over and lifting up objects.

      NOTE: When this position is filled through flexible staffing, the requirements as defined in the flexible staffing program must be met to be eligible to promote to the Engineering Technician II classification. Some skills must be verified through an in-house testing process.

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