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Job Descriptions

Community Service Officer I/II


The Community Service Officer I is assigned to perform a variety of non-sworn duties in the enforcement of law and order, keeping the peace and providing service to the public. Community Service Officers also perform the following: take and prepare non-hazardous crime reports, monitor and store evidence and property, monitor and direct traffic, provide police Service information to the public, vehicle abatement, and to carry out special non sworn assignments as directed.

The Community Service Officer II classification requires the incumbent have the ability to work independently and exercise judgment and initiative. A Community Service Officer I may be eligible to promote to a Community Service Officer II after two years of experience as a CSO I with the City of Turlock. In addition to this experience, promotion to the CSO II classification may require a practical test to demonstrate the ability to perform the full range of technical duties at the journey level.

This classification is assigned to the T.A.P.O. bargaining unit for labor relations purposes and is subject to overtime, call back and standby assignments.


Community Service Officers receive direct supervision from the Watch Commander or Unit Supervisor under the general direction of a Division Commander.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Patrol assigned area in radio-equipped vehicle; answer calls for non-hazardous incidences; collect scene information and prepare reports related to incidences.

Interview victims, complainants and witnesses in the field or in the station; gather and preserve evidence for non-hazardous police reports.

Monitor and maintain property and evidence; perform technical tasks related to evidence storage; transport evidence for testing.

Answer questions from the public regarding police Service; respond to inquiries regarding laws, ordinances and vehicle codes.

Respond to requests for emergency Service by either providing information or referring request as appropriate.

Prepare reports on non-hazardous arrest, traffic violation, impounded property and other case reports.

Contact and cooperate with other law enforcement personnel in matters relating to providing police Service.

Maintain contact with citizens regarding potential law enforcement problems and preserves good relationships with the general public.

Direct and control pedestrian and vehicular traffic at emergency or other congested traffic situations.

Attend meetings, seminars and training sessions as assigned.

Parking enforcement including disabled or timed parking and abandoned vehicles.

Enforcement of City Code Violations.

Make public presentations regarding crime prevention.

Coordinate and facilitate various programs, functions and open house events relating to crime prevention.

Coordinate the Volunteers in Policing (VIPS) program.

Perform related duties as assigned.


To maintain employment as a CSO I, after training, the candidate must exhibit:

Knowledge of:

Practices of basic report writing.

Rules of evidence pertaining to the preservation of evidence.

Principles and practices of self-defense.

Interviewing and interrogation techniques.

Pertinent laws, codes, regulations and statutes.

City geography, noting streets, building locations.

First Aid techniques.

Ability to:

Remain calm under stressful and emergency circumstances.

Learn basic principles of law enforcement.

Learn, understand and interpret pertinent law, ordinances, policies and procedures.

Learn to organize and coordinate a police community support program and implement the delivery methods.

Drive and handle a police vehicle under non-emergency situations.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contracted in the course of work.

Observe accurately and remember faces, numbers, incidents, and places.

Think logically and act quickly, and judge situations and people accurately.



Completion of thirty (30) units of college work in sociology, psychology, criminal justice, business administration, public administration or related field.


Two years experience working with the general public.


Possession of valid California Driverís License at the time of appointment is to be maintained as a condition of continued employment.

The Community Service Officer I must complete educational courses in Traffic Control, Report Writing, Field Evidence Collection and Preservation, Basic Photography, and standard First Aid within eighteen months of employment.


Possession of an Associateís Degree in criminal justice, sociology, psychology, business administration, public administration or a related field.

Possession of bilingual skills in English and Spanish or other needed language.

Report writing skills.


Maintain physical ability and stamina to meet job duties including: see well enough to drive vehicles. Obtain evidence, hear well enough to converse on the radio, telephone and in person over incident noise; ability to distinguish odors and colors for identification purposes; bodily mobility to climb and crawl in elevated and other awkward areas to obtain evidence and review crime scenes; ability to catch aggressive/ vicious animals which may require chasing the animal and using a snare; use of hands and fingers to write reports and drive vehicles; must be able to lift and properly place 75 pounds of weight including but not limited to crime scene evidence, property, dead animals and traffic barricades.

Reviewed and approved: _______________________

Personnel Officer

October, 1992

Revised 03/98, 02/05, 6/08, 12/10

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