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Recreation Manager


Under general direction of the Municipal Services Director plans, directs and reviews the activities of the Recreation Division programs including recreation, cultural arts, Teens & Family Programs/Aquatics, Sports, Police Activities League, and prevention. Provides direction to meet City goals and to coordinate with other service areas, agencies, boards, commissions and the public. Performs other job related work as required.

This position is designated as un-represented for Labor Relations purposes and is considered exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


General direction is provided by the Municipal Services Director. The job incumbent provides general supervision to subordinate level supervisors in affected program areas.


This is a mid-management classification responsible for the discrete sub-departmental organizational component(s) and programs/functions within a department as determined by Municipal Services Director, City Manager or City Council. The incumbent serves as a member of the City policy advisory team with responsibilities for developing means for implementing policies and procedures developed by the executive team. Exercises policy development and promulgation responsibilities for specific program/functional areas. Demonstrates professional competence while working as a team member and exercise independent judgment in a number of confidential and sensitive areas. Duties and responsibilities are performed in accordance with municipal codes, ordinances, City policy, federal, and state regulating entities.


  • Develops and reviews policies, rules and procedures for effective operation recreation services.
  • Collaborates with supervisors regarding divisional policies and procedures.
  • Evaluates community needs and develops approaches and solutions to best meet those needs within City Council guidelines
  • Provides management direction to activities relating to the effective utilization
  • personnel, facilities and equipment.
  • Manages, oversees, reviews and coordinates the work of recreation staff, programs and special related events, Pedretti Park, Turlock Sport Complex, and Carnegie Art Center including facilities rentals, class registrations, sporting events, youth, teen, and senior programs.
  • Manages, oversees, reviews, staffs, plans and coordinates the provision of City services for recreation, sports, prevention and intervention programs, community events, and related programs.
  • Recommends and administers policies and procedures related to the use of City facilities, effective use of recreation areas, facilities and services and recommends appropriate changes and/or solutions to problems.
  • Serves as technical adviser to managing authority and as a recreation, cultural arts, prevention and services consultant to the community.
  • Oversees administration, promotion, supervision of recreation fund development and sponsorship programs
  • Oversees the assignment of employees and equipment.
  • Confers with and makes recommendations to the Director regarding projects and programs and assists in the development and implementation of Cityís strategic plan.
  • Consults, confers and coordinates with City departments, citizens and officials regarding issues.
  • Assists in the preparation of budget related to assigned activities; oversees budget implementation; recommendations regarding the forecast of additional funds; approves expenditures; implements mid-year adjustments; researches and writes grant requests.
  • Makes presentations before various groups, including City Council, commissions, boards, committees, task forces, and on and off-site public meetings; participates in community events; creates community partnerships.
  • Supervises staff including provision of timely performance evaluations; recommends and implements approved discipline; provides staff development; and maintains high standards necessary for efficient, professional operations; participates in labor negotiations.
  • Answers difficult questions; provides information to the public, City departments, and other agencies; recommends and coordinates corrective actions; investigates, reports, documents and resolves complaints; confers with public officials and citizen groups on problems and recommends solutions; coordinates division efforts with allied agencies on assigned programs..
  • Builds and maintains respectful, positive working relationships with staff, supervisors, outside agencies and the public using principles of good customer service; provides effective conflict resolution, as needed.
  • Models appropriate professional management conduct; maintains appropriate confidentiality of sensitive information; complies with and supports City policies and procedures, labor laws, and MOU provisions.
  • Attends assigned meetings and trainings; interacts with outside agencies and commissions; participates in teams, or committees, or associations, as needed.
  • Assures staff works in a safe manner; follows safety requirements; monitors and assures compliance with regulations and other legal requirements.
  • Performs other duties, as assigned.


Knowledge of:

  • Modern principles, management practices and techniques of Recreation Management, programming and resource development including park, recreational, cultural, prevention, sports and community-wide activities.
  • Modern operating principles, practices and techniques of Recreation and Facility Management.
  • Recreational, cultural and social needs of all age groups and people of diverse backgrounds.
  • How volunteer commissions function most effectively and laws and regulations related to their administration.
  • Codes, regulations, and ordinances related to Recreation Management, Turlock M.O.U.ís, City procedures and policies.
  • Modern office procedures, and methods including computer equipment, word processing, spread sheet, data base, graphic presentations and other needed specialized software applications, and internet and electronic communication usage and methods.
  • Budgeting development and grant procedures and administration.
  • Principles and practices of supervision, staff selection, motivation, training and personnel management.
  • Principles of effective time management
  • Knowledge of pricing principals in determining programs fees and costs.
  • Principles of effective public speaking, marketing, conflict resolution and excellent customer service.
  • Knowledge of Local/State/Federal Grants/Foundations

Ability to:

  • Effectively formulate, organize and manage sound divisional policy in the areas of recreation programs.
  • Interact with citizens and employees in an effective way that produces positive results.
  • Analyze and research community problems and plan philosophies, goals, objectives, policies and procedures which are tangible, achievable and measurable to meet needs; determine community needs; establish and maintain excellent community relations.
  • Analyze situations accurately and swiftly, and adopt an effective course of action.
  • Plan specialty community programs and for major events.
  • Be perceptive and innovative in the prediction and recognition of trends and problems and in the analysis and development of solutions to problems.
  • Implement City Council direction.
  • Work well under pressure; work such hours as are necessary to accomplish the job.
  • Understand and communicate state and federal regulations, laws, codes, policies and solutions in affected areas.
  • Research, write, oversee and monitor grants.
  • Delegate authority and responsibility as well as schedule and program work.
  • Work with and control sensitive and confidential information.
  • Plan, initiate, and manage complete complex and multiple simultaneous work assignments; set priorities and organize work to meet deadlines.
  • Lead, manage, evaluate and train personnel effectively and maintain discipline.
  • Organize, implement and direct divisional goals within City objectives.
  • Make highly effective presentations before groups and represent the City in public forums; communicate codes and regulatory and program information.
  • Use computer and needed programs in a highly effective manner.
  • Manage, project and administer a budget.
  • Establish and maintain respectful, effective and cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Communicate effectively, orally, electronically and in writing.


Five years of increasingly responsible professional management experience with a public agency with at least three of those years performing administrative and supervisory oversight in parks, recreation, community services and/or neighborhood service programs or any experience that would have provided the opportunity to develop the required skills, knowledge and abilities.


Equivalent to a Bachelorís degree from an accredited college or university with significant course work in the areas of Recreation Management, Recreation Administration, Public Administration, or related fields.


Possession of a valid California Driverís License in the category necessary to perform essential duties of the position may be required as the time of appointment. Maintenance of a valid California Driverís license and proof of automobile liability insurance is a condition of continued employment.

Additional certification in Recreation or Parks Marketing or Revenue Sources Management, desirable.


Vision adequate to operate vehicles and equipment, read instructions and follow directions, read maps and small print, detect subtle shades of color; hearing adequate to distinguish mechanical noises, converse on radio, telephone and in person at distances of up to 50 feet, and detect unusual sounds; voice volume and speech clarity to command during an emergency; body mobility adequate to operate emergency equipment and perform required duties; stamina to perform administrative functions and to meet physical and mental demands during an emergency; use of hands and fingers adequate for operation of special equipment and weapons, writing, typing and computer related functions; ability to lift heavy equipment, as needed in emergency conditions.

Established 8/95

Revised 8/96

Revised 8/97

Revised 8/98

Revised 2/02

Revised 1/06

Revised 10/08

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