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Who is responsible for the care and maintenance of street trees?

We would like to remind our residents that maintenance and care of street trees are the responsibility of the property owner and occupants of the property. If any street tree along your street frontage is dead, dying or in an unsafe condition, you will need to make arrangements to obtain a no-fee Street Tree Permit to remove and replace.

Street Tree Removal Application

TMC 7-7-301: Permits required
TMC 7-7-204: Responsibility for condition of trees
TMC 7-7-206: Duty to maintain
TMC 7-7-208: Duty to protect
TMC 7-7-210: Owners to perform work: Costs

What is the difference between a City (public) tree and private tree?

Typically, a City tree is the tree planted in the city easement, either in the park strip or in the front or side of the property and is planted 5-10 feet back from the sidewalk. This will be a themed tree species. In older neighborhoods this tree may vary in type.

TMC 7-7-504: Location of street trees

What can I do if my neighbor's tree hangs over my yard, drops leaves or fruit in my yard?

This is a civil matter and may vary from state to state, city to city. The City of Turlock does not deal in civil matters.

Who do I contact if a tree presents a danger?

If you feel your tree poses a danger to power lines, contact TID or PG&E. Remember it is the owners responsibility to maintain the trees on his or her property.

Who do I contact if a tree (or large branch) falls in the street or at a park?

If the tree falls in the public right of way or a city park after hours or on weekends and holidays, call (209) 668-1200. During working hours from 9AM-4PM, call Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities at (209) 668-5594.

What to do if the tree emergency is on my property or neighbor's property?

For a tree emergency and all other emergency, call 911. For a non-emergency, call 668-1200.

For questions or concerns about trees, please contact:

Public Works, Recreation and Maintenance Office
144 S. Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 668-5594
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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