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Building Permits

What construction requires a permit?

Building permits are required for many types of construction. The California Building Code states that no regulated building or structure may be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished unless a separate permit for each building or structure has first been obtained from the building official. However, not all construction requires a building permit.

When is a building permit required?

Note: If your proposed construction work is not listed above, your proposed construction may still require a permit.

What types of projects do not require a building permit

Or for additional clarification or information, visit the Building and Safety Division office or call (209) 668-5560 or email us at

Obtaining a Building Permit

Online application for residential re-roofs, heating & air conditioning change outs, and minor electrical upgrades.

Building Permit Application

What if construction has occurred, and no building permit was issued?

Work that was done without obtaining required permits is in violation of the State Building Code and is considered illegally constructed work. For further information see Unpermitted Construction, visit the Building and Safety Division office or call (209) 668-5560 or email us at

Who is responsible for obtaining a building permit?

The property owner is responsible for obtaining a building permit. A licensed contractor or a person authorized by the owner may submit and sign the application and building permit.

When do I apply for a building permit?

A building permit must be obtained before beginning any work. Sufficient lead-time should be provided for plan examination, making corrections, and permit issuance. In emergency cases, such as fires or to correct hazardous conditions, the waiting period may be waived.

What is required to apply for a building permit?

Applicants should know the legal address of the property. They should know the name, address, and license number of a contractor listed on the application, and the estimated value of the work.

Any supporting documents for this project, such as plans, structural, and energy calculations should be submitted at this time.

Minimum Information required for a Building Permit

Waste Management Plan

The California Green Building Standards Code requires most new construction including low-rise residential and non-residential commercial projects, to develop a waste management plan and divert a minimum of 65% of the construction waste.

The waste management plan consists of two parts:
Part I requires projects to estimate the amount of tonnage to be disposed and diverted during construction.

Part II requires projects to show what tonnage was actually diverted and disposed of. Disposal/diversion receipts or certifications are required as a part of that summary.

The construction waste management plan shall be updated as necessary and shall be available during construction for examination by the Building Division representative.

Waste Management Plan

What happens after I obtain a building permit?

Inspections are required at various stages of construction.

Building Inspections

Building Permit Fees

On July 18, 2014, the Turlock City Council approved changes to the Building Department fee structure which included annual adjustments based on the Consumer Price Index. Fees for most projects are based on the use and square footage of the building, not the stated valuation of the project.

Estimates of permit fees for your project your project (includes Building, Engineering, School, & County impact fees) are available without any cost.

Development Fee Estimate

Is there a plan checking fee?

Most projects will require a plan check deposit which be applied to the cost of your building permit. For an estimate of the deposit amount, visit the Building and Safety Division office or call (209) 668-5560 or email us at

Apply for minor permits

For more information or concerns about a building permit, please contact:

Building and Safety Division
156 S. Broadway, Ste. 130
Turlock, CA 95380-5454
(209) 668-5560
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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