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Del Puerto Water District (DPWD) Recycled Water Transfer Agreement

The City of Turlock’s tertiary treated “recycled” water is currently used for a number of beneficial purposes. Most recently, the City received approval to deliver recycled water to Del Puerto Water District (DPWD) on the west side of Stanislaus County to augment their agricultural irrigation supplies. This “transfer agreement” allows DPWD to work with the Patterson Irrigation District to deliver water from the San Joaquin River to the DMC in an amount equal to the City’s recycled water that is discharged to the San Joaquin River. DPWD would then divert the water through their existing turnouts on the DMC to provide the water to their irrigation customers.

This transfer agreement is a short-term solution for water delivery until the construction of the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Project (NVRRWP), which involves the construction of a recycled water pipeline from the Cities of Turlock and Modesto to the Delta Mendota Canal (DMC).

DPWD benefits from the transfer agreement and the North Valley Project by obtaining additional water to offset shortfalls in its Central Valley Project (CVP) irrigation supply, maintaining the agricultural viability of District lands, and assisting their landowners and water users in obtaining a reliable and affordable water supply. The partnership provides a regional economic benefit to both DPWD and the City, allows for the reasonable and beneficial agricultural use of recycled water, and helps secure this water supply for the long-term benefit of the City.

Other beneficial uses of the City’s recycled water supply include: approximately two million gallons per day to the TID Walnut Energy Center for cooling purposes, landscape irrigation at Pedretti Park, and a new residential and commercial fill station facility that provides free and low cost recycled water to approved customers for landscape irrigation, dust suppression, and other approved purposes.

More information on the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Project can be found by clicking the document link:

North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program Facilities Plan Final Report

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For more information or concerns about your water or sewer service, please contact:

Municipal Services
156 S. Broadway, Ste 270
Turlock, CA 95380
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Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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