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Police Department
As dedicated public servants we will strive: For the continual pursuit of justice; For fair and equal application of the law; To treat all persons with dignity and respect, and conduct ourselves in accordance with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics; For innovative and effective management of our resources; To create and maintain an atmosphere that encourages community input, participation, and partnerships.

Chief Ninus (Nino) C. Amirfar

Hello and welcome to the City of Turlock Police Department webpage. I am very proud to introduce our department of exceptional staff, both sworn and non-sworn. Our priority and commitment is providing the service that our community has come to expect from its police department.

We strive to incorporate all aspects of community policing, inclusive of community collaboration and input, to deliver services that continue to enhance the quality of life in the City of Turlock.

We are committed to public safety, service and excellence. We continue to build upon the trust our community has in its police department by being attentive to its needs and developing action plans inclusive of community input through outreach and community governance.

We are excited for the future as we move towards enhancements in both services and technology. As we face challenges together, we can succeed through the development of our relationships and collaborations with our community and business partners. Our future is bright, and I welcome you to the city of Turlock.

(209) 664-7302

Information about divisions under Turlock Police Department, as well as our data and statistics.

Current crime information, report a crime, police services against crime, burglar alarm response policy, and crime prevention classes

Information on how to apply for bingo game permits, concealed weapons permits (CCW), dance hall permits, and other permits necessary to do business within the city of Turlock.

What to do if you've received a parking citation, your vehicle has been towed or impounded, if you are looking for a traffic report of an incident you were involved in, if your vehicle has been orange tagged, if you need to report a stolen vehicle, if you need help with vehicle VIN verification, or help with what to do after a vehicle accident.

How to get a copy of a police report, how to get a police clearance letter, Live Scan fingerprinting appointments, Offender Registration, and how to get our police volunteers (VIPS) to check your house while you’re away on vacation.

What to do if you need to recover your personal property that has been booked by the police department, what to do if you are having blight or issues within your neighborhood, what to do if you are experiencing domestic issues, or if you are needing resources to help you grieve with the result of a critical incident.

Whether you’re interested a career in law enforcement, just want to volunteer your time, or are interested in the inner workings about how our department operates as an important function to ensure the success of our city, getting involved benefits not only you, but the police department and our community as well.

Information about our Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes, home safety tips, what to do about cyber bullying, information about Adult Protective Services (APS), and other important tips, classes, and information for your personal safety.

Information about how to complain or commend a Turlock Police officer or employee.
On Social Media

Report a Crime Online
When a non-emergency crime has been committed, you may benefit from reporting the crime online. It is convenient for you to use and easy to access 24 hours a day.
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The City is Hiring!


Closing Date/Time: Fri. 04/07/17 5:00 PM Pacific Time
$12.00 Hourly / PART-TIME
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Working Together to Stop Distracted Driving

April is recognized as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In California, the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Turlock Police Department, CHP, local law enforcement, and community partners throughout the state are wo...
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Check out this video that TPD had the pleasure to be apart of; to spread awareness and start the conversation about Down Syndrome awareness.
Posted on Facebook 2 days ago

This past Saturday, Girl Scout Troop #399 visited the police department with a very special delivery. The Troop gave each one our officers a box of Girl Scout cookies of course! ���������� #turlockpolice #turlockpd
Posted on Facebook 3 days ago

It's a full room this morning for the Mayor's State of the City Address! #turlockpolice #turlock
Posted on Facebook 3 days ago

Staff from all around our department have their crazy socks on today for #WDSD2017!#turlockpolice
Posted on Facebook 4 days ago

Here's Animal Services showin' their socks for World Down Syndrome Day! #wdsd2017 #turlockpolice
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(no text)
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Mayor's State of the City Address is tomorrow morning. Note: location change #Turlock
Posted on Twitter 4 days ago

Mayor's State of the City Address is tomorrow morning

See location change below
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Are you on Nextdoor? We are.

Sign up to stay connected with your neighbors by clicking the link below. You'll receive important infromation from TPD and will be able to see what conversations your neighbors are having about your neighborhood.
Posted on Facebook 4 days ago

Spring is here, and with that more people are out and about on our roadways on foot and by bike. Here's a video about crosswalk safety, and pedestrian and bicycle safety. Check it out!
Posted on Facebook 4 days ago

Ofc. Lewis was asked by a teacher to pay a special visit to her 3rd/4th grade class, specifically for one of her students, Sean, that loves law enforcement and wants to be a police officer one day. While visiting with the class this morning, Ofc. Lewis even learned that Sean made his very own police...
(read more)
Posted on Facebook 8 days ago

Having 2 K9 teams allows each team to practice training together. In this pic, K9 Varick is practicing engaging the agitator (aka K9 Keyser's handler, Ofc. McMihelk) and releasing the bite. #turlockpolice #turlockpd #turlock #k9 #k9training �������&#x...
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Clip of K9 Varick & his handler Ofc. Khamo during a recent training on the basics of aggression and outing #turlockpolice #turlockpd
Posted on Twitter 10 days ago

Also officially sworn in this morning, Officer Richard Fortado! #turlockpolice
Posted on Twitter 10 days ago

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